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I'm looking for a shoulder holster to carry my G27. I would prefer leather and I feel like if I'm going to spend $75+ I may as well get a good one. The express line is slightly cheaper with less detail put into the holster itself.Bmw x5 no drill license plate bracket
Things I liked: Switchable left or right side holster, with 2-mag. pouch on the other side. Velcro securing strap with quiet snap thumb break. Fits a Sig Sauer P226R or P229R just perfectly. Things I would have changed: Not much; take a few fittings to adjust the hang and belt straps the best way, but that's the same with every shoulder holster.

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Cordura Shoulder Holsters. Shoulder Holster Accessories. KA-DE VERTICAL Shoulder holster for DESERT EAGLE Made from Premium Genuine Leather.

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The nylon holsters we carry offer the most versatility and flexibility of all our collections. You can choose between multiple carry options including ankle, shoulder, thigh, and various waistband styles, as well as 21 sizes to ensure your pistol gets a semi-custom fit.

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New Made Item: Copied directly from an original in the IMA collection this is a high quality genuine leather holster for the Polish Radom Vis 35 Semi-Automatic Pistol. Offered in correct milk chocolate brown color with heavy white stitching, steel fixtures and correct leather shoulder strap. Has loop sleeve for cleaning rod and internal pockets for 2 magazines, just like the original!

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We make only shoulder holsters, it's the best way to carry. The comfort of our shoulder rig is superior, you'll instantly appreciate the freedom of movement.

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The main advantages of shoulder holsters are good accessibility and comfort. They are carried on the weaker side under the shoulder and the gun is pulled by the stronger hand. A spare magazine is carried on the opposite side. Shoulder holsters are ideally attached to the belt via belts.

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Original Makarov P64 Pa63 Pistol Shoulder Holster W Magazine Pouch 9x18 W51. $19.00. Sposn Sso Field Holster Kp 42 For Pm Makarov Original Russian. $24.00.

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Pro-Pak Cross Harness Horizontal Shoulder Holster $38.63. Pro-Pak Horizontal Shoulder Holsters - RH Only $50.53.

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The Waistband Outside Holster Nylon Holster For IOF Pistol And Similar Medium Compact Subcompact Handguns ₹ 2,700.00 ₹ 2,200.00 ₹ 2,700.00 ₹ 2,200.00 Read more

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Notes: Had several ideas on what to write next but I've been busy with the Shattered Connexion event. Apparently there was a bug with the Intel Points system where objectives wouldn't register as completed when redoing stages on Normal mode if one had already cleared them on EX mode, like myself.

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Pro-Pak Cross Harness Horizontal Shoulder Holster $38.63. Pro-Pak Horizontal Shoulder Holsters - RH Only $50.53.

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